Sunday, August 26, 2012

Korean Double-sided Double Eyelid Tape

文者 Laura Tiong 11:48 PM
Am using double eyelid tape recently, super fall in love with the Korean one  :)

I like the double-side stickiness, easy for me and convenience, save my time too!

Was running out of the eyelid tape so i decided to buy online again, this time from another seller,

Description of her Korean double sided double eyelid tape is exactly the same as the one i bought before, and of course cheaper price!

A lot lot cheaper than the previous one i bought, so of course i bought it, who doesnt want to save money right?

But when i got the eyelid tape, disappointment, the eyelid tape doesnt work well....

The stickiness does not last longer, the most few hours, less than half day, plus the Y-stick coming with the eyelid tape is not smooth, somehow its shaper, making my eyelid painful  :(

So in the end, wasted my money, return back to the original seller, i am wrong  T.T

How to differentiate whether your Korean double eyelid tape is genuine or not?

Firstly, the packaging is as below, i am showing you the 3mm one(i want to try this out)

Inside the package: One transparent plastic case, two pieces of eyelid tape, instructions in Korean wording(fear not, you can understand by looking at the picture) plus a Y-stick(eyelid tape helping tool)

And one important point, there is three Korean character on the Y-stick(Only genuine one has Korean character)  *hint hint* My hp camera is not so good, not clear enough to show  >.< But you can still see it right? :) Click it for a larger view

You can get the double eyelid tape at Dreamy Girl , just leave her a comment or pm will do..

Gonna try out the new 3mm one and share with you soon, tata!

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